X-Large Barbers / Hairdressing Cape with Transparent Viewing Window

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Salon cape with window, cape with viewing window
Smartphone is a big part of our lives and it's always something we carry everywhere. Our hairdressing cape has a transparent viewing window so you never have to miss out on any notifications while getting your hair done. Get your hair cut and use your phone at the same time. Ingenious! The hairdressing cape is great for any professionals and salons, as well as for home use. Use it while cutting, dyeing, perming your hair. Play games or watch videos through the transparent viewing window. The adjustable buckles will ensure a tight fit around the neck and will make sure that the cape does not fall out while you're moving around or getting your hair cut. It will also prevent hairs falling through. Hairdressing gown is made of premium and durable fabric that is waterproof and anti-static, which means that the hairs don't stick to the fabric. The neck part is elastic and can be stretched for the perfect fit on your neck. Pieces of hairs will not fall through or splash of hair dye will not damage your clothes. The cape's height from neck to bottom is 50 inches and the width is 59 inches. It is one size universal fit that will ensure fit for anyone. It's lightweight and easy to wear. Please machine wash and let it air dry before use.