T4500 HAIR DRYER -Black

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INF T4500 is a must have for men and women who are willing to close a hair dryer toweled glamorous in minutes. This is essential both elegant workhorse of racehorses, which boasts a powerful engine in a rare quiet AC designed for in high style.

Taking hair from sopping-wet to workably damp in just minutes, the advanced tourmaline technology of this T3100 Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer prevents static and frizz to keep hair smooth and add shine. 

Ceramic Technology: Ceramic is a non-metallic material that is durable, smooth and retains and distributes heat efficiently. It is a natural source of negative ions and also radiates far infrared heat

Ion Generator: A micro-chip is embedded in the mechanics of the appliance and emits a continuous stream of negative ions.

Product Features:

  • Power Yet Extremely Smooth - 2000W
  • Airflow - 72 cubic metres/hour
  • Weight - 580g
  • Nozzles - 1 Wide & 1 Narrow
  • Voltage - 110-120Vac, 60Hz
  • Setting - 2 Speeds, 4 Heat Settings
  • Cold Shot - Cold Shot Button