KLERAL SYSTEMS KS SILK Straight Smoothing System

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 KS Silk Straight treatment
Kleral has developed a new, natural technology specializing in the fight against the bold appearance called KS SILK STRAIGHT. After the procedure, the hair is very soft and smooth. KS SILK STRAIGHT products do not contain chemicals and are completely safe to use. It is very important that the products with which the hair straightener does not contain thioglycolate, ammonia and formaldehyde. After the procedure, the hair is very soft and smooth. The firming look has been greatly reduced after the first treatment, and even eliminated in some cases. This procedure can be combined with keratin hair treatment MILK BIOKERATIN to make long-term hair smooth and nourish. The right approach to nourishing your hair will revive your hair in the long run and you can say goodbye to your hair without a life. The natural formula with ORGANIC BOND COMPLEX consists of KERATINE and HYDROLIZED PROTEINS, GLYCERINE and OIL MORING. These active organic ingredients and their natural components are responsible for: - perfect merging with existing texture texture and hair structure. - an extreme effect in disciplining the crepe and creating a smooth and silky look of hair. - in the protection of the hair and scalp - in the ability to achieve a visual result after the first treatment. - in the strength of an organic formula without added harmful chemical ingredients. The great advantage of our product is in organic and ecological formula. - WITHOUT THIOGLIKOLATA - WITHOUT AMONIAK - WITHOUT FORMALDEHYDE - WITHOUT PARABINES - WITHOUT MINERAL OILS Natural SMOOTH & SILK SYSTEM, KLERAL ~ ORGANIC BOND COMPLEX It is a three-step treatment. N'1 - GLOBAL SHAMPOO AGAINST BREAST HAIR SILK STRAIGHT shampoo with organic ingredients and MORING OIL prepares hair for the treatment process. It gently cleanses the scalp and raises the epidermis so that the agent can change the tie in the hair. N'2 - LOSION FOR SMELING AND HANDLING OF HAIR It softens the hair bindings and disciplines the hair fiber in a natural way. This product fills the voids in the hair and drastically reduces the crepe and porosity of the hair. When the flesh is filled with proteins and keratin, the epidermis completely closes the hair. Thus, water that would otherwise accumulate under the epidermis and create a crepe refuses. After the second phase, the fantastic and smooth appearance is guaranteed. Of course in a natural way without risk. N'3 - GLOBAL GLASS GLASS FOR GLASS FOR GLASS VIDEO It is part of the final, final phase of the process. Finishes and protects the process of natural hair treatment. Make sure the hairbrush is completely closed. The hair becomes soft and shiny. You will be thrilled with the smoothness of the hair. You will easily break them and make hairstyles to your liking. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: STEP NO. 1 Hair shampoo well with KS SILK STRAIGHT 1 and rinse well. Continue with step no. STEP NO. 2 Apply the KS SILK STRAIGHT TRATMENT 2 from the root to the tips, use a brush, and let it work for 20 minutes. I advise you to heat up with heat. Dry completely dry until dry. Straighten your hair very well. Every strand of at least five times. Adjust the jar to 180 ° c for thin and normal hair. Then rinse your hair and proceed to step 3. STEP NO. 3 Organic treatment process is completed by application of SILK STRAIGHT CREAM BALSY 3. Cleave the hair, heat it under heat medium for about 10 minutes. Wash your hair under warm water and finish your hair as usual. The end result? The hair is perfectly soft and smooth. The crepe will drastically decrease and you will enjoy the softness of your hair.