KLERAL SYSTEM Selenium Organic Oxygen Mousse for hair loss - 150ml

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KLERAL SYSTEM Oxygen Mousse for hair loss - Dermin Plus Oxygen Mousse, 150ml If you are faced with the problem of hair loss, do not despair. It is completely solved, if the locks provide quality care. Through the efforts of specialists of Italian cosmetic company Kleral System was created a wonderful tool for the treatment and prevention of alopecia. Introducing delightfully effective mousse Dermin Plus Oxi Mousse. It will help stop hair loss. The product is characterized by excellent preventive properties. Taking styling mousse using the wondrous, you not only converts its trendy bow, but also provide excellent hair care. The main strength lies in the miracle of mousse oxygen enrichment of the scalp. Full of life-giving oxygen and other nutrients, healthier scalp, hair follicles stronger and alive. As a consequence, the process of hair loss stops. The composition of the mousse is enriched with natural herbal extracts. Rosemary, nettle and calendula provide wonderful revitalizing care. Menthol tones the scalp, improves microcirculation. Directions: Wash your hair with shampoo for hair loss. Massage movements applied mousse on the scalp and on the hair along the entire length. Make styling. Ingredients: menthol, rosemary and nettle leaves, marigold