KLERAL SYSTEM Selenium Dry Shampoo - 150ml

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Dry hair shampoo from the Italian brand Kleral System not only cleans well the curls, but also restores their structure, nourishes with useful substances. It is suitable for all types of hair. After applying this shampoo, the hair becomes clean and even acquires volume. You can use it not only in extreme trips, but also at home, if you need to quickly bring your appearance in order, and time is very short. Flaxon with a spray is convenient to apply a remedy to curls.Shampoo has a gentle, pleasant scent. Mode of application: Shake the can, approximately 30 cm apart, spray the shampoo onto dry hair, then rub it into the scalp and spread it evenly over the entire length of the hair; after a few minutes with the help of a comb or a towel "comb" or brush off the hair with the remains of shampoo with particles of dust and dirt.