Hair Removal Non-woven Wax Strip Paper Roll White -100 Yards

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NDR100, Waxing Strips Non woven
Key Features For Legs, Body and Facial Hair No need to heat before use Suitable for all kinds of skin Non-woven fabric Material 100% brand new and high quality Ideal for Salons The correct use of depilatiory wax paper method: Waxed paper placed between hands carefully tear off the wax paper Along the growth direction of the body hairs apply waxing paper ,smoothing down a few seconds (depending on the body part) And then immediately with one hand pressing the skin,with the other hand pinch the depilatory wax paper. Quickly tear off the waxing paper, hair with waxing paper to be torn off together After hair removal, quickly clean the skin. Then, in the dilapidated area coat the skin with care lotion.