Graham Professional Spa Essentials Non-Woven Paraffin Strips

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DISCONTINUED ITEM- NON-WOVEN PARAFFIN STRIPS - 320 PK. Spa Essentials offers Non-Woven Paraffin Waxing Strips. Dipping strips into wax before applying to your client will allow you to treat parts of the body too large for the typical paraffin bath. Comes in 8 packs of 40. Perfect for elbows, knees, feet and more Disposable design means no more “double dipping” and no more spreading germs Less paraffin required Stretchy material conforms to just about any body area that can be treated with paraffin Retains heat longer than dipping or brushing Dimensions of strip: 17-1/4" x 3-1/2" 8 packs of 40 strips/ box Dispenser box also available