Depilatory Wax Heater for Body and Face

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HD238, Wax warmer, double wax warmer
Double Wax Warmer Heater  Size: 14”L x 8.7”D x 7.5”H Fits 14oz and 18oz Cans Product Features:

All Metal Construction Built In Aluminum Pot Premium Internal Heating Element CE Certified and Fuse Protected Double Removable Wax Aluminum Pot Thermostat Control Knob Allows Temperature to Be Continuously Up To 80 Melts all Types of Depilator

Adjustable temperature settings of 0-80 degrees Celsius (32-176 Degrees Fahrenheit) Removable inner wax basket Metal construction body and pot 4 Inch pots opening to accommodate most wax containers on the market Temperature Measurement: Celsius Color: White